Fun Physio for Kids


Fun Physio for Kids provides physiotherapy specifically for babies, children and young adults in Dublin and some areas of Kildare. We are Chartered Physiotherapists who have specialist knowledge, training and experience in Paediatric (Children’s) Physiotherapy.  Fun Physio for Kids holds clinic sessions in Esker Physiotherapy Clinic in Lucan. Fun Physio for Kids also offers home visits for children and young adults who may benefit from sessions carried out in the comfort of their own home. 

Initial Visit

Fun Physio for Kids will take a detailed history including your main concerns with regard to your child. This will be followed by a detailed assessment of your child’s posture, physical abilities and muscle strength.

We will then discuss the assessment findings with you and together make decisions on treatment aims and goals.

  • In some cases, a once-off session is all that is required to give advice and activities.
  • Other times your child may benefit from further therapy sessions either in blocks or at regular intervals.

Usually, we will recommend a home exercise programme with the aim of achieving agreed goals in a timely fashion. The home programme is provided in written form by email.